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Webinar - Governing and managing disaster risk in the agriculture sector


Over the past decade, economic damages resulting from natural hazards have amounted to USD 1.5 trillion caused by geophysical hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides, as well as hydro-meteorological hazards, including storms, floods, droughts and wild fires. Climate-related disasters, in particular, are increasing worldwide and expected to intensify with climate change. They disproportionately affect food insecure, poor people – over 75 percent of whom derive their livelihoods from agriculture. Agricultural livelihoods can only be protected from multiple hazards if adequate disaster risk reduction and management efforts are strengthened within and across sectors, anchored in the context-specific needs of local livelihoods systems.

This series of three webinars on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRR/M) in agriculture is organized to:

  • Discuss the new opportunities and pressing challenges in reducing and managing disaster risk in agriculture;
  • Learn and share experiences about disaster risk reduction and management good practices based on concrete examples from the field; discuss how to create evidence and conditions for upscaling of good practices; and
  • Exchange experiences and knowledge with partners around resilience to natural hazards and climate-related disasters.


WEBINAR I: Governing and managing disaster risk in the agriculture sector

16 May 2017  -  10.30-12.00 CEST (UTC+2)

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  • Ms. Sophie Baranes, Coordinator of the Capacity for Disaster Reduction Initiative (CADRI)
  • Mr. Proyuth Ly, Expert on disaster risk management planning in agriculture sectors, FAO Cambodia


  • Dominique Burgeon, Director of Emergency and Rehabilitation Division, and Strategic Programme Leader – Resilience, FAO


This webinar will cover: 

  • Institutional capacity development for DRM for resilience, food security and nutrition
  • Mainstreaming DRM in agriculture sector planning
  • Linking planning and capacity development for DRM, resilience and climate change adaptation (CCA) 


Stay tuned for the other two webinars of the series:

WEBINAR II: Assessing risks and impacts from extreme events/natural hazards on the agriculture sector with focus on drought (end May 2017)

WEBINAR III: Returns from investments in disaster risk reduction technologies and practices in agriculture (June 2017)