La resiliencia

The “productive transfers” approach (CASH+) in Mali and Mauritania

Jan 2017

In order to increase the resilience of vulnerable households affected by repeated shocks in the Sahel, FAO is currently experimenting the “productive transfers" approach (CASH+) in Mali and Mauritania. The 18-month programme, based on a successful FAO project implemented in 2014 in Burkina Faso and Niger, combines unconditional cash transfers with the provision of in-kind livestock inputs to benefit 1250 very poor vulnerable households in 46 villages of the Kayes region and the Wilaya of Gorgol.

In order to better cope with, recover from and adapt to the multiple shocks and recurrent crises affecting the Sahel region, the poorest households need to protect their livelihoods, diversify their sources of income and accumulate productive assets.

Author: FAO Sub-regional Resilience Team for West Africa and the Sahel

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