Distribution of vegetable seeds and agricultural tools in Afghanistan

Oct 2020

Recurrent droughts and dry spells have severely impacted food security in Afghanistan. In 2018 Daikundi, Farah and Kunar provinces experienced multiple shocks that resulted in increasing food insecurity, lack of adequate water resources for livestock, disappearance of vegetative coverage, and destruction of crops or low crop yields. 

With generous support from the United States of America, FAO distributed vegetable seeds and agricultural tools to 1 500 families headed by women in Daikundi, Farah and Kunar provinces. The project also trained beneficiaries on good agricultural practices. This intervention has empowered women who used the seed to grow vegetables in their backyards and provide nutritious food to their families and even generate an income with their surplus production.

Project code: OSRO/AFG/903/USA

Author: FAO in Afghanistan

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