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Enhancing resilience of crisis-affected families in the Central African Republic

Enhancing resilience of crisis-affected families in the Central African Republic


Employing the caisses de résilience approach in the Central African Republic, FAO helped to strengthen the social cohesion of vulnerable communities, while improving their food production capacity.

Almost 50 000 families were assisted through the creation of community groups and establishment of village savings and loan associations in 2 000 villages. Each village savings and loan association received kits for improved rotating savings and credit funds. Microcredit enabled members to invest in income-generating activities and restore small businesses.

FAO provided agricultural inputs (crop and vegetable seeds and tools), processing equipment (cassava mills and groundnut decorticators) and livestock (goats, pigs and poultry). FAO also provided training on good livestock and agricultural practices. Participants in the cash-for-work programme earned about USD 30 per family.

Thanks to the support provided, members of the village savings and loans associations strengthened their technical capacities for agricultural production, and their financial capacities to generate income and restore their livelihoods. They identified common challenges, sought solutions and took collective action to improve their living conditions. This participatory approach contributes to behavioural change, improves access to information for rural populations and strengthens organizational capacities.

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