Helping farmers in Zimbabwe grow food

Helping farmers in Zimbabwe grow food


FAO has started a major operation in support of small scale farmers in Zimbabwe as part of its joint efforts with the European Union (EU) to fight hunger this year. The organization has procured 26 000 tons of seeds and fertilizers for distribution to 176 000 vulnerable farmers — representing between 10 to 15 percent of communal farmers in the country.

Each farmer will receive sufficient maize or sorghum seed and compound and fertilizer to plant a 0.5 hectare plot. These agricultural input packages will be distributed in time for the upcoming agricultural season, starting at the end of September.

"With good seasonal rains, timely implementation and effective coordination, farmer's production in Zimbabwe could feasibly more than double this season, compared to the previous year's national average production level," said Jean-Claude Urvoy, FAO's Emergency Coordinator in Zimbabwe.

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