Webinars on resilience

Webinars on resilience


FAO is pleased to announce a monthly series of webinars on resilience linked to food security and nutrition within the framework of the European Union-FAO programme INFORMED (Information for Nutrition Food Security and Resilience for decision-making).

This series of webinars is organized jointly with the FAO Strategic Programme on resilience and the European Union-DEVCO.

List of webinars:

  1. Confronting Drought in Africa’s drylands: opportunities for enhancing resilience
    27 May 2016
    Speaker: Raffaello Cervigni, WorldBank

  2. RIMA-II: What’s new?
    9 June 2016
    Speaker: Marco d’Errico, FAO

  3. Caisses de résilience
    7 July 2016
    Speaker: Alexis Bonte and Alberto Bigi, FAO

  4. Shock responsive social protection for resilience building
    2 August 2016
    Speaker: Natalia Winder-Rossi, FAO

  5. Gender equality for resilience in protracted crisis
    5 September 2016
    Speaker: Unna Mustalampi

  6. Caisses de résilience (in french)
    18 October 2016
    Speaker: Alexis Bonte, FAO

  7. The experience of the global network against food crises for strengthening resilience
    30 November 2016
    Speaker: Bernard Rey, Deputy Head of Unit – DEVCO C1 Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition

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