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Sahel - Early action and scale-up of emergency response - 2018

Sahel - Early action and scale-up of emergency response - 2018
Mar 2018

FAO, UNICEF and WFP have issued a joint position paper providing an overview of the food security, malnutrition and livelihood situation in the Sahel and calling for early action to respond to the most pressing needs. The analysis includes the latest data available following the November 2017 Cadre Harmonisé (CH) exercise.

In the past months, several factors have exacerbated the food security and nutrition situation for specific livelihood groups including pastoralists in the first place. The majority of the vulnerable populations is likely to be similarly affected during the upcoming lean season.

To address the immediate needs of the most vulnerable over the next twelve months, FAO, UNICEF and WFP have developed a common programmatic approach which also aims to address longer-term structural challenges. Timely support from all partners including donors can help mitigate the current and foreseen deterioration of the situation in the Sahel. This is also key to break the vicious circle of chronic hunger and malnutrition affecting millions of vulnerable people in this region.

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