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South Sudan - Executive brief 29 January 2014

South Sudan - Executive brief 29 January 2014
Jan 2014


  • 646 000 people have been internally displaced since 15 December, and 123 400 have fled to neighbouring countries.
  • The Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL) Cluster estimates that up to 7 million people are at risk of food insecurity in
    2014 – with an estimated 3.7 million facing “acute” and “emergency” food security (IPC).
  • First signs of serious food security distress are emerging (sorghum market prices skyrocketing, complete lack of
    commodities like sugar and powdered milk).
  • Communities isolated by conflict are surviving on existing retailer and household stocks – with no replenishment
    options except WFP air drops.
  • Lack of commercial access, constraints on aid access, displacement, livelihood disruption and pre-crisis structural food
    security are leading to a potential major food crisis.
  • Saving livelihoods saves lives – livelihood protection interventions are critical; FAO is focusing on providing
    emergency livelihood kits, protecting livestock herds against disease and promoting rapidly maturing crop seeds.

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