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South Sudan - Executive brief 12 February 2014

South Sudan - Executive brief 12 February 2014
Feb 2014

The humanitarian situation in South Sudan has steadily deteriorated since the outbreak of fighting in Juba on 15 December. Displacement continues to rise –  almost 730 000 people are now estimated to have fled their homes to more secure areas within the country, including UN bases. A further 145 000 have fled to neighbouring countries. Recent violence and looting of humanitarian supplies, offices, accommodations, warehouses and vehicles are constraining efforts to meet the needs of populations living in the most seriously affected areas.

Those affected are not just displaced populations, but especially communities hosting IDPs, urban populations struggling to access food as local markets collapse, and rural populations unable to move with herds to pasture and water or migrate to fishing and hunting grounds, access basic services (health, education, etc.) and bring produce to markets. All areas of South Sudan have been affected by the crisis – through strains on kinship networks, disruption of trade and transport routes, curtailed development programmes, and the limited capacity of the Government.

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