FAO Practitioner's Guide for Seed Security Assesments

FAO Practitioner's Guide for Seed Security Assesments
Mar 2015

Sufficient access to healthy and preferred seed for different crops is of fundamental importance for millions of households in the developing world. If good quality seed is scarce, then rural farming families struggle to make a sustainable livelihood, and are forced into coping strategies in order to meet food and income needs. These strategies may deplete assets. Achieving and maintaining seed security is therefore an important goal. In order to decide on the most appropriate seed related intervention, it is necessary to understand seed security by undertaking an assessment prior to intervening.

FAO has now developed a Practitioner's Guide for Seed Security Assesments, which provides guidance on the theory, technical knowledge, procedures and good practices necessary to implement a Seed Security Assessment. This publication represents an important reference and refresher for SSA practitioners and those seeking practical as well as theoretical information on SSA.

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