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Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities (SFERA) - Annual Report (Jan - Dec 2014)

Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities (SFERA) - Annual Report (Jan - Dec 2014)
Apr 2015

The Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities (SFERA) enables the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to take rapid and effective action in response to food and agricultural threats and emergencies.

This annual report provides a brief description of the major operations initiated with SFERA funds for the twelve-month period ending 31 December 2014. The report also contains financial data for this period, as well as for the eleven years since the Fund became operational.

The Fund has three components:

  1. a working capital component to advance funds once a donor’s commitment is secured toward the immediate procurement of inputs to protect livelihoods, restart agricultural activities or contribute to an immediate response to a crisis;
  2. a revolving fund component to support FAO’s involvement in needs assessment, programme development, early establishment and reinforcement of emergency country team capacities, as well as Level 3 emergency preparedness and response activities; and
  3. a programme component, which pools resources in support of a programme framework for large-scale emergencies.

From its inception in April 2004 through 31 December 2014, SFERA received USD 183.7 million, of which USD 75.3 million was allocated to large scale programmes (e.g. typhoons, hurricanes, Sahel, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza and locust plagues); USD 26.9 million was disbursed under the Agricultural Inputs Response Capacity (AIRC) window; USD 15.0 million was used to set-up or reinforce Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordination Units and implement needs assessment and programme formulation missions; and USD 3.2 million was allocated to establishing a Level 3 emergency preparedness and response window. Since inception, USD 267.4 million has been advanced to fund immediate emergency needs, USD 22.9 million of which was advanced over the reporting period. As at 31 December 2014, outstanding advances totalled USD 0.9 million, while the total SFERA cash balance was USD 46.3 million.

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