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FAO Uganda Information Bulletin - Vol. 4 Issue 8, April-August 2011

FAO Uganda Information Bulletin - Vol. 4 Issue 8, April-August 2011
Aug 2011

Building Back Better - FAO and EU Fighting Hunger, Restoring Livelihoods

Welcome to the second issue of the FAO Uganda Information Bulletin in 2011. The European Union (EU) is an important partner of FAO. At a global level, the EU is one of the members of FAO and has remained a steadfast donor to FAO’s emergency and rehabilitation coordination programmes in Uganda, funding over 70 percent of FAO’s operations. Funds from the EU have particularly been instrumental in restoring the livelihoods of people who were affected by the war in northern Uganda and those that have been affected by natural disasters in the Karamoja region.

Early this year FAO was contracted to implement part of two EU funded Government of Uganda PRDP Special Programmes; Karamoja Livelihood Programme and the Agricultural Livelihood Recovery Programme in northern Uganda, whose details can be found in this Bulletin. This special edition is dedicated to the longstanding partnership between the EU and FAO in fighting hunger and promoting development of humankind, globally and here in Uganda. This Bulletin, therefore, provides a snapshot of the programmes and projects that have been funded by the EU through FAO in Uganda.