World Food Day 2018 Communication Toolkits

Find out more about how you can promote World Food Day by reading our Communications Handbooks.

Resources for media

A package of multimedia feature stories depicting real people's actions towards Zero Hunger is available for media use, including accompanying photos and videos, and key messages on the WFD 2018 theme.

Find out more about the global ceremony, (16 October, FAO Headquarters, Rome).


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Inform, educate and engage audiences with real facts.
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The World Food Day 2018 brochure provides a brief overview of FAO’s work with countries and other partners to achieve Zero Hunger and lists a series of actions to achieve this goal by 2030.


The official World Food Day 2018 poster can be downloaded here

Activity Books

The series of FAO Activity Books has been developed as an educational tool for youth, educators, parents and anyone who wishes to learn more about important global issues that have an impact on our future and that of our planet. They are a way to learn more about FAO’s work and important topics such as climate change, food waste, migration, rural development, food security and the global goal to achieve Zero Hunger. These books offer young people the chance to engage with a wide variety of topics and learn about how they can take action and become part of the Zero Hunger Generation.

All activity books are available in seven languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian.

World Food Day 2018 Activity Book: Working for Zero Hunger

Did you know that there are 815 million people in the world that go to bed hungry, while 1.9 billion people are overweight?

The world has set a challenge to achieve Zero Hunger and better nutrition by 2030. But governments can’t do it alone - everyone has a role to play.

Come on the Zero Hunger journey with me to discover what each of us -governments, farmers, businesses and the general public- have to do to reach this goal.

Learn how you can become part of the Zero Hunger Generation!


Web banners

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