Governing Bodies Servicing Division (CSG)

The Governing Bodies Servicing division (CSG) provides the Secretariat of the Conference and the Council, and supports all Governing and Statutory Bodies of FAO. It furnishes integrated communication, correspondence and liaison services to FAO Members. CSG houses the Multilingualism expertise of the Organization, delivering corporate language goods and services. The division also provides protocol and meetings services to the Organization.

The Governing Bodies Servicing division is composed of four branches.

  • The Secretariat Services branch (CSGS) oversees the Secretariat functions of the FAO Conference and the Council, including on agenda-setting, documentation, correspondence and working methods. It also supports the Secretariats of other Governing and Statutory bodies, including the Regional Conferences, Council Committees and the Technical Committees in this regard. CSGS is responsible for the continuous delivery of information for Members through integrated communication platforms such as the Members Gateway, Official Correspondence and the Rome-based Agencies (RBA) Calendar. The branch supports the office of the Independent Chairperson of the Council.

  • The Language Services branch (CSGL) enables the Organization’s multilingualism by providing interpretation, translation and terminology goods and services, for all FAO languages across the span of corporate governance, normative, operational and communication functions. CSGL also supports the provision of FAO products in local languages, and is responsible for quality language assurance within the Organization.

  • The Meetings Services branch (CSGM) carries out the scheduling and programming of all physical, virtual and hybrid meetings of the FAO Governing and Statutory Bodies, FAO corporate events, informal meetings, and other meetings. It is responsible for overseeing and supporting the planning and provision of logistical and audio-visual facilities for the conduct of such meetings.

  • The Protocol Services branch (CSGP) acts as liaison between the Organization, the Permanent Representations and the Host Government, and provides administrative services regarding visas, privileges and immunities for staff and accredited Member representations. It ensures that applicable Protocol is observed in the relations with Members and the activities of the Organization.

Secretariat services (CSGS)
Secretariat of the Conference and the Council, and support to Secretariats of all Governing and Statutory bodies. Continuous delivery of information to Members through integrated communication and correspondence with FAO Members.

Contact: Ms Nadine Kayal
Chief, CSGS

Language services (CSGL)
Corporate Multilingualism through interpretation, translation and terminology goods and services.

Meeting services (CSGM)
Scheduling and conduct of virtual, physical, and hybrid meetings of Governing and Statutory Bodies, and FAO meetings and events.

Contact: Mr Sergio Ferraro
Deputy Director, CSG


Protocol services (CSGP)
Observation of applicable Protocol between the Organization, Members and the Host Country.

Contact: Ms Paola Dini
Chief, CSGP