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Emergency Operations Archive
FAO’s emergency assistance to countries facing desert locust invasions is coordinated by the Emergency Centre for Locust Operations (ECLO), based at FAO headquarters in Rome. Technical experts from the Plant Production and Protection Division and operational staff from the Emergency and Rehabilitation Division work together to strengthen the capacity of national authorities to manage locust control campaigns.

ECLO works closely with the FAO Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Western Region (known by its French acronym, CLCPRO), which is responsible for coordination of locust activities in nine front-line countries. FAO also works with commissions in the Central Region and Southeast Asia.

ECLO maintains a regular dialogue with the international donor community. Priorities for assistance are based on information provided daily by National Locust Control Units and Plant Protection Services, supplemented by reports from FAO’s country representatives and advice from FAO consultants in the field.

ECLO develops and implements locust control projects using donor funds, providing inputs including pesticides, equipment, environmental monitoring and technical advice. ECLO also monitors bilateral assistance to affected countries, seeking to coordinating inputs and avoiding duplication of effort.