Агропродовольственная экономика

A mid-term perspective on agricultural diversification in Guyana

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Policy Briefs 50
Год: 2022
Автор: FAO

Guyana’s agrifood systems are facing an increasing level of risk: rising sea-levels are eroding its coastal area, where much of the agricultural activity is located; recent off-shore oil discoveries threaten to crowd-out non-oil sectors; and a dependency on a limited number of agricultural export commodities exposes the agricultural sector to price and market volatility. The diversification of agricultural production and exports has the potential to generate growth and increase the resilience of the agricultural sector. This policy brief summarizes the main findings of the paper on "Diversification Perspectives of Guyana's Agrifood Sector". The objective is to identify a set of commodities with high export potential, which is in relative proximity to the current agrifood export basket. We find oil seeds, bovine meat, sunflower seed oil, fish flours (for animal feed), palm oil, fowl, cocoa beans, cocoa paste and sunflower seeds to be commodities with high export potential. These commodities share characteristics with the current agrifood export basket. This implies that expanding the exports of these goods will not be costly and is likely to promote economic development, agricultural sector growth and reduce risks associated with market concentration.

The findings of this brief have been adapted from the FAO Agricultural Development Economics Working Paper 22-07 Diversification perspectives of Guyana’s agrifood sector.


Страна: Guyana
Регион: Latin America and the Caribbean
ISBN: 978-92-5-136725-4
ISSN: 2520-6540 (online) / ISSN 2520-6532 (print)