How to Contribute/Submit Metadata

1. What types of resources are indexed in AGRIS?

The types of resources that can be indexed in AGRIS include libraries’ digital collections (e.g. books, digital collections and grey literature, including reports and theses), institutional repositories and journals.

3. What are the metadata requirements for AGRIS?

Metadata quality is important for accurate and complete records in AGRIS. Please check this page to learn more about it. 

4. In what language should I provide metadata?

AGRIS is a multilingual database with resources available in over 90 languages. Metadata can be provided in the local language, it doesn’t need to be in English unless English is the native language of the data provider. However, it is recommended to add keywords, titles and/or abstracts in English, when available, to increase the visibility of records on the web.

5. What file formats are accepted when submitting metadata files to AGRIS?

The files must be in .xml format. Sets of .xml files can be compressed as a .zip file if needed.

6. How can I submit metadata to the AGRIS database?

Data providers can submit metadata to AGRIS via email, through Automatic Data Upload (ADU) and by exposing their metadata via their OAI-PMH endpoints.

7. How can I submit metadata via email?

Data providers can send their metadata files to [email protected] until the last working day of the month. The files must be in .xml format. Sets of .xml files can be compressed as a .zip file if needed. 

8. When or how often should I submit metadata?

AGRIS is indexed monthly. Data providers can send their metadata when they have new records to submit. Data submission via email should be sent by the last working day of the month to be included in the monthly release.

9. Can AGRIS harvest directly from an OAI-PMH endpoint?

Yes, data providers, such as institutional repositories or  journals, who are using OAI-PMH-compliant systems for their resources, can provide AGRIS with their base URLs. For additional requirements, please check the relevant section on this page. Please note that the AGRIS harvester, which automatically extracts metadata from OAI-PMH endpoints, runs every three months.