AGRIS 对于分析农业发展状况,并由此指导农业投资、创新和政策制定创造了良好的机会。这一平台无偿提供1350万种、多达90种语言的信息和数据。这些信息和数据包括图书、期刊文章、专著、图书章节、数据集以及灰色文献——如农业和相关科学领域未发表的科技报告、论文、学位论文和会议论文等。



  • Save the date! FAO Science and Innovation Forum - Side event

    Access to Scientific Information in the Global South: Partnering for Action 12 October 2022 - 11:00-12:30 CEST The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is pleased to invite you to the side event titled “Access to Scientific Information in the Global South: Partnering for Action”...

  • AGRIS User guide updated

    We are pleased to announce that we have recently published an updated version of the AGRIS User guide, which guides all users of the AGRIS database on the best ways to engage with and search the database for scientific and technical literature on food and agriculture. As the name suggests, this...

  • Now available -- the recording of the 2022 AGRIS Virtual Annual Conference!

    All those who wanted to but couldn't attend the AGRIS Virtual Annual Conference held on 7 July 2022 can now watch the recordings. Session 1: What is new in AGRIS In the first session, Imma Subirats introduced AGRIS and its composition, outlined the evolution of its content and its usage statistics...

AGRIS Data Providers

The AGRIS Network is a community of organizations who collect and contribute with information about food and agricultural literature and participate in knowledge sharing activities.