National Historical Library of Agriculture

The National Historical Library of Agriculture was born in 1860, within the Ministry of Agriculture and Trade far before the unification of Italy, in order to allow ministerial officers the access to most relevant texts and field studies.

Particular consideration was given indeed to the collection of works and publications which came from the scientific, technical and legal areas linked with the agricultural world.

The Library was one of the first ministerial libraries to open to the public in 1871: outside researchers and common citizens could approach and take advantage from the notably rich bibliographic collection.


The subject catalogue includes the following principal categories: 

- Encyclopedia and Polygraphics

  • Philosophical and didactics sciences
  • Economic and social sciences
  • History and Geography
  • Literature
  • Agricultural sciences and Industries

The Library also owns a precious historical collection of photos, maps and geographical charts. 

At the present time, the Library is part of the National Library System (SBN) and is connected to the Public State Libraries of Rome.