Linked Data

Linked Data is a method of web publication in which each individual piece of data is:

  • uniquely identified using HTTP URIs (that is, URLs, or 'web addresses'),
  • available both as 'machine readable' data and as 'human readable pages, and
  • linked to other resources.

AGROVOC is available as a Linked Open Data (LOD) set published, aligned (linked) with several vocabularies. The LOD version of AGROVOC is in RDF/SKOS-XL, and is stored in Apache Jena Fuseki (data is accessible to machines through a SPARQL endpoint, and to humans by means of HTML pages generated with Loddy). 

Table 1 below provides some figures about the vocabularies to which AGROVOC is aligned (November 2023):

VocabularyAlignments, exact
NALT15 640
CAAS10 315 (temporarily disabled)
DNB5 431
BNCF1 968
EARTh1 388
GEMET1 253
STW1 144
LCSH1 082
World Bank Group Thesaurus841
UNBIS Thesaurus358
UNESCO Thesaurus241