Устойчивость к противомикробным препаратам


Addressing Antimicrobial Usage in Livestock Production Industry (Factsheet)

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a natural phenomenon in which microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites adapt to antimicrobial agents [...]

FAO Aquaculture Newsletter No.55

Two interesting articles have been published: "Antimicrobials and aquaculture" (pp. 8-9) and "FAO Initiatives on Antimicrobial Resistance" (pp. 52-53)

FAO Action Plan on AMR in food and agriculture

This product is part of a broader series composed by several factsheets about main activities of the AG Department. This factsheet in particular is about Antimicrobial Resistance. It underlines the importance of FAO's Action Plan and its support to governments, [...]

Документы Кодекса, касающиеся устойчивости к противомикробным препаратам в пищевых продуктах

Устойчивость к противомикробным препаратам (УПП) является серьезной глобальной проблемой общественного здравоохранения и безопасности пищевых продуктов

Antimicrobial resistance and our food systems: challenges and solution

FAO is home to a vast reservoir of knowledge, with experts that include food safety specialists, agronomists, veterinarians, lawyers, aquaculture experts, economists, food and feed scientists, and communication practitioners. With its global reach and wide-ranging expertise and track record in [...]

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