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Assessing the enabling environment to scale up agroecology to hedge against climate change in Senegal


Bringing together about thirty participants[1] from different Ministries, research institutions, civil society organizations, the kick-off workshop held in Dakar on 28-29th of May 2019, opened up discussions on the obstacles and levers for adopting the approaches and principles of agroecology to combat the impacts of climate change in Senegal.

It mobilized the “Empowering youth to engage in responsible investment in agriculture and food systems: Rapid capacity assessment tool and process”- developed with the support of the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) - adapted to the agroecology context.

Dynamic multistakeholder group exercises led to the assessment of the enabling environment for an agroecological transition in Senegal, to a better understanding of the institutional framework related to agroecology, to a collective reflection on policies, strategies and laws (including incentives) favoring or hindering an agroecological transition. Finally, the elaboration of an ideal scenario to ensure an agroecological transition by 2035 drew up a concrete and shared roadmap proposal.

Highlighting the question of the institutionalization of agroecology, this successful workshop drew out a diagnosis of the current situation and the means to ensure a proper agroecological transition, highlighting in particular:

  • The current fragmentation of AE initiatives and the need to structure the message and bring stakeholders together
  • The need to build a common vision, by involving all stakeholders (including the government) from the start
  • The need to develop a roadmap to ensure a good agroecological transition by 2035 (post Plan Senegal Emergeant)

For more information:

On the overall study on “the potential of agroecology to hedge against climate change and build resilient and sustainable livelihoods and food systems”, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation:  www.fao.org/in-action/micca/events/events-detail/en/c/1198750/


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[1] Plateformes agroécologie (TaFae, 3 AO, AEB), Académie des Sciences, Universités, instituts de recherche (IRD, CIRAD ISRA), gouvernement (Ministère Agriculture : C-CASA ; Ministères sectoriels)

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