Agroecological and other innovative approaches for sustainable agriculture and food systems that enhance food security and nutrition

HLPE 14Food systems and agriculture are at a crossroads and a profound transformation is needed at all scales, not only to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) to “end hunger and all forms of malnutrition” by 2030 but also to address Agenda 2030 in its entirety, including human and environmental health, climate change, equity and social stability.

Current trends, such as the new increase, since 2014, in the number of undernourished people and the alarming rate of all forms of malnutrition in all countries, and related tensions will be exacerbated if we fail to design and implement, in a very near future, food systems that ensure food security and nutrition while addressing all sustainability challenges. Agroecological and other innovative approaches in agriculture are increasingly praised for their potential contribution to reach these crucial goals.

This report adopts a dynamic perspective, centred on the key concepts of transition and transformation. Ultimately, this rich and comprehensive report aims to fuel an exciting policy convergence process and help remove the lock-ins by developing a common understanding of these matters, so that concrete transition pathways can be implemented at all relevant scales, from farm, community and landscape to national, regional and global levels.


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