Data collection and analysis tools for food security and nutrition: towards enhancing effective, inclusive, evidence-informed, decision making

CFS HLPE-FSN report 17_Cover

Food is a fundamental human right, yet too many people in the world do not have secure access to the food they need. High-quality data and their accurate analysis are essential to design, monitor and evaluate effective food security and nutrition (FSN) policies. Data are also fundamental to ensure accountability of government policies and to monitor their implementation and impact. 

The data revolution, driven by new technologies, is increasing exponentially the volume and types of data available. This provides great opportunities for informing and transforming food systems, but also presents new challenges which, if not properly tackled, can deepen inequalities.

This report presents the inherent complexity and multiple dimensions of FSN data collection, analysis and use – including economic, social, institutional, political, legal and technical dimensions; the types of users involved and the numerous and diverse purposes for which data may be used in food security and nutrition efforts, as well as the extant challenges. The report also advances actionable recommendations to enhance the contribution that data can make to ensuring food security and nutrition for all.


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