Committee on World Food Security

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CFS Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition

Endorsed following a five-year, inclusive multi-stakeholder consultation and negotiation process, the CFS Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition (VGFSN) provide guidance on aligning policies, laws, programmes and investment plans to address hunger and malnutrition in all its forms using a holistic food systems lens.

The Guidelines aim at promoting policy coherence and reducing policy fragmentation between sectors that impact food systems and nutrition including health, agriculture, education, environment, gender, social protection, trade and others. The Guidelines contain a wide range of recommendations that promote, among other things, transparent and accountable governance, sustainable food supply chains, broader access to healthy diets, food safety, nutrition education, gender equality, and resilient food systems within humanitarian contexts.

The Guidelines were informed by the scientific evidence and input of the CFS High-Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (CFS HLPE) report #12 on food systems and nutrition.

Key Concepts

This section provides background information on key concepts that appear throughout the document.

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Objectives & Principles

This section outlines the objectives & guiding principles of the Guidelines.

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Implmementation & Monitoring

This section highlights the need to build capacity for and monitor the use of the Guidelines.

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