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Enabling policy environment for Climate-Smart Agriculture

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Coordinating lead authors: Ada Ignaciuk (FAO), Kaisa Karttunen (Think Tank e2)

Contributing authors: Nina Koeksalan (FAO), Elizabeth Laval (FAO), Janie Rioux (FAO), Julia Wolf (FAO).

Reviewers: Astrid Agostini (FAO), Patrick Kalas (FAO), Alexandre Meybeck (FAO), Lisen Runsten (FAO).

Notes: The module is an update of Module 13 Mainstreaming Climate-Smart Agriculture into national policies and programmes in the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook (2013) written by Majory-Anne Bromhead (World Bank) and Reuben Sessa (FAO) with contributions from Savis Joze Sadeghian (FAO). The module was reviewed by Leslie Lipper (FAO).