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SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
TCP/JAM/3901/C1 Assessment of locally produced livestock feed ingredients to strengthen the sector?s sustainability 2023 202490,000$
TCP/JAM/3902/C2 Piloting a National Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension Strategy of Jamaica [N-FAS) 2023 202450,000$
TCP/JAM/3903 Towards a Modern and Digitized Agri-food System [TAMADAS] Project 2023 2024200,000$
TCP/JAM/3802 Inclusive and Resilient Agri-Food System in Rural and Peri-Urban Territories of Kingston 2021 2023320,000$
TCP/JAM/3804 Food Loss and Waste Reduction through a value chain development approach to transform food systems - COVID-19 Response and Recovery 2021 2023220,000$
SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
UNFA/JAM/024/UND Improving Rural Livelihoods through Resilient Agri-food Systems 2023 2025970,874$
MTF /JAM/023/STF Improving Phytosanitary, Food Safety and market access opportunities along the Hot Pepper Value-Chai 2022 20251,065,392$
GCP /JAM/021/GFF Jamaica Mangroves Plus: Protection and Sustainable Management of Jamaica`s Mangrove Ecosystems and Biodiversity (FSP) 2023 20271,648,630$
GCP /JAM/025/GCR ADAPT-JAMAICA Enhancing climate change resilience of vulnerable smallholders in Central Jamaica(PPF) 2023 2024276,497$