Country Leaflet

SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
TCP/NEP/3805/C4 TCPF: Support to the establishment of GIS based data and Information platform in the context of Hand in Hand (HIH) Initiative 2021 202237,000$
TCP/NEP/3806/C5 TCPF: Support to operationalize the "One Health Strategy 2019" of the Government of Nepal 2021 2022100,000$
TCP/NEP/3807/C6 TCPF: Support to strengthen preparedness and response capacity to tackle emerging and neglected zoonotic disease Glanders 2021 2022100,000$
TCP/NEP/3808/C7 TCPF: Support good dairy husbandry practices for dairy sector development 2021 202270,000$
TCP/NEP/3809 Emergency and early recovery support to floods-affected farming households in Western Terai, Nepal 2021 2022500,000$
TCP/NEP/3802/C2 TCPF: Support to the formulation of a Full Funding Proposal on CRA for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) 2020 2022100,000$
TCP/NEP/3803/C3 TCPF: Technical Assistance to support establishment of the Nepal Integrated Agricultural Statistics System (NIASS) 2020 202275,000$
TCP/NEP/3804 Strengthening capacity of Public and Private Sector Stakeholders for promotion of organic agriculture in Karnali province of Nepal 2020 2022500,000$
SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
OSRO/NEP/001/USA Immediate TA for animal health system to address emerging/priority zoonotic diseases & health threat 2020 2022259,999$
UTF /NEP/077/NEP Technical Assistance to Food and Nutrition Security Enhancement Project [FAO TA TO FANSEP] 2019 20234,600,000$
GCP /NEP/076/GCF Building a Resilient Churia Region in Nepal (BRCRN) 2020 202739,299,905$