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TCP/SIL/3901 Supporting Value Chain analysis for Rice and Meat products, and the development of National Action 2022 2023170,000$
TCP/SIL/3902/C1 TCPF: Technical Assistant to the development of the National Action Plan for the UN Food System Dialogue process and the formulation of the Rice Agro Industrial Cluster (RAIC) project for Sierra Leone 2022 2023100,000$
TCP/SIL/3802 Development of Sierra Leone Mechanization Policy 2021 2023150,000$
TCP/SIL/3804 Enhance the fisheries and aquaculture policy framework in Sierra Leone 2021 2023178,000$
TCP/SIL/3806 Support to Sierra Leone for Review of Cattle Settlement Policy, Protection of Livelihood Assets through Livestock Vaccination and improving Food Security during COVID-19 Pandemic 2021 2023150,000$
TCP/SIL/3807 Strengthening of the Seed Certification and Regulatory Agency in in Sierra Leone 2021 2023135,000$
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OSRO/SIL/200/IRE Building resilient communities through climate smart and market driven production for improved food and nutrition security in Sierra Leone 2023 2023533,049$
OSRO/SIL/002/UK Governance and surveillance of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Sierra Leone 2020 2023859,378$
GCP /SIL/055/EC Support to Sustainable Forestry in Sierra Leone 2023 20262,934,885$
UNJP/SIL/056/UNO Mainstreaming the Human Security Approach by Improving Mining Sector Governance to Enhance Environment Sustainability and Resilient Livelihoods in Sierra Leone. 2023 2024111,174$
UNJP/SIL/052/PBF Empowering youth at risk as resources for sustaining peace and community resilience in Tonkolili and Kenema districts in Sierra Leone 2020 20231,750,000$