Foresterie dans les terres arides

Nurturing Community of Knowledge Practice for Women in Dryland Forests and Agrosilvopastoral Systems (WeCaN)

WeCaN is a platform for women’s empowerment in dryland regions. This platform is a space for women to connect, share best practices and get involved in knowledge sharing events and trainings. The aim is to boost their advocacy and gender mainstreaming skills and make their voices heard on a local, regional and global level. 

This Community of Practice makes use of existing national and regional networks by linking them together through one platform, enabling them to share knowledge, lessons learned, and experiences among the South-South Cooperation countries. The WeCaN community members are focal points from grass-root and women’s organizations, civil society organizations, community-based organizations, policymakers, practitioners, public institutions, researchers, and others committed to gender responsive approaches in the dryland areas.  

What does WeCaN do?

  •  Work with women communities to encourage the sharing of best practices, lessons learned and innovative solutions on common challenges
  • Highlight the unique solutions that women hold to problems in dryland areas, and empower them to capitalise on their knowledge of natural resources management
  • Strengthen the capacities of WeCaN members through training sessions and webinars designed to boost advocacy skills and enable women to make their voices heard on the global stage
  • Speed up the policy process creating actions and proposals to counter the common advocacy challenges

We have members from all over the world...

Hear more from our WeCaN women in this short video!