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AGRIinsight | Connecting People - to Place - to Opportunity

AGRIinsight is a UK-based company developing innovative technologies to be used in emerging markets. AGRIinsight has developed an online platform that has a powerful geo-visualisation interface, relevant map overlays and search and communication tools that enables users to store, visualise and analyse private and public data in context, create new insights, connect and collaborate with agribusinesses including smallholder farmers to create sustainable and profitable supply chains.

AGRIinsight has begun work in Tanzania. The assignment focuses on the support of an agribusiness investment agency based in Dar es Salaam.

AGRIinsight is providing an online “client space” where relevant information is organized, deposited in various forms and imagery, to which access is facilitated to advance the agency’s objectives.

AGRIinsight gives users tools to map locations of agri-businesses and infrastructure, aggregate relevant information and enable targeted information sharing within different value chains, projects or investments.

AGRIinsight will also be providing training to agency staff to map a wide range of organisations involved in agriculture in specific high productive regions of the country. Ultimately, the work will enhance and crowd in investment into the region and thereby help develop a vibrant and profitable farming and agribusiness sector.

“We are very excited to be working with our colleagues in Tanzania,” says Patrick Guyver, CEO of AGRIinsight. “The aim is to visualise the agricultural landscape of an area the size of Belgium.

But once completed it will have overcome one of the key challenges by bringing together relevant and reliable data onto one platform. We truly believe in the ability of relevant data, packaged in smarter and highly visualised ways, to unlock agricultural development.”

Visit www.agriinsight.com or contact us at [email protected] to learn more about AGRIinsight and register your interest in the online platform.

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