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Future of Forests - Blockchain

Dear friend, Dear colleague,

We welcome you to an afternoon where we will explore the developments in blockchain for application of the world’s forests.

  • This virtual event will take place on Friday the 7th of October on the online platform vFairs.
  • It starts at 2:00 pm CEST until 5:00pm CEST.
  • Register here to join the journey

In our online event space you can attend panel sessions, presentations about blockchain and other interesting technologies that could support the sustainable management and financing of forests. We’ll highlight opportunities for nature to start managing itself and the importance and opportunities for community engagement as they are our forest ambassadors.

You can chat with speakers and other participants, and download interesting briefs and papers about the latest work in this field. The day will start with the most applied blockchain solution for timber; timber tracing. We’ll host a panel discussion with people from different fields to discuss whether this technology is and could deliver its promises. There will be speakers who can take you straight to the forest and explain the day to day reality of these applications underneath the canopy.

We’ll continue to the future of forests, and nature in general. Could nature become sovereign? Blockchain is dependent on a proper information management system, what systems are available and applied? We’ll hear from trials and experimental - often inspiring - projects from different parts of the world. This may be futuristic or a soon to be reality...

We’ll close with our forest ambassadors; how can we ensure technologies support them in their endeavours for sustainable forest management and conservation? Chief Dadá Borarí of Maró Indigenous Territory will speak with us about his experiences and his involvement with the project of Tim Boekhout van Soolinge. Tim is a criminologist who has worked tirelessly to help local communities in the remote parts of the Brazilian Amazon to signal and tackle illegal deforestation. Two brothers from Colombia will take us on a journey to their lands and their aspirations for blockchain application. Luiz Villares will share his work and ideas with us on blockchain for forests and engagement of local communities.

We would love to go on this journey with you. Feel free to listen, engage, chat, and read up on some of the latest developments in this field.

Sign up directly here and we will see you there!

  • Jaclyn Bolt and Christina Cappello Wageningen Environmental Research
  • Erik van Ingen, Magnus Grylle FAO

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