Bridging the Gender Data Gap and Connecting Data Communities

France, Paris

Bridging the Gender Data Gap and Connecting Data Communities

This webinar adds to the existing discourse on gender data by demonstrating how partnerships within data systems are necessary for closing existing gaps and generating evidence-based policy for women and girls. The three different perspectives will offer webinar participants a unique view of progress towards closing gaps, collaborations that have cultivate that success, and the roadblocks that impede further progress.

The following questions will be discussed:

  • How have conversations on gender data gaps for the SDGs progressed since their adoption in September 2015? What are the persistent gender data gaps? And why?
  • To what extent are we moving beyond gender data gaps identification and working on solutions? What are some of the current solutions?
  • Closing gender data gaps are important but so is closings gaps between data communities. What are some current examples of partners working together to close data gaps?
  • What actors in the gender data ecosystem could benefit from greater interaction and collaboration? What hinders their connectivity? How can barriers be broken down? 

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