Perspectives on the way forward toward gender equality in agrifood systems


Perspectives on the way forward toward gender equality in agrifood systems

Please join the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for a high-level presentation of a seminal report on the critical roles women play in the global food supply chain.


  • USAID Administrator, Samantha Power
  • White House Gender Policy Council Director and Assistant to the President, Jennifer Klein.
  • USDA Under Secretary, Xochitl Torres Small
  • Department of Labor's Women Bureau Director, Wendy Chun-Hoon
  • USAID Global Food Crisis Coordinator, Dina Esposito
  • U.S. Department of State Special Envoy for Global Food Security, Cary Fowler
  • The PepsiCo Foundation President, C.D. Glin
  • CARE Chief Operating Officer, Gloria Steele
  • FAO Deputy Director General, Beth Bechdol
  • Director, Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality Division, Lauren Phillips
About the Report

The Report on the Status of Women in Agrifood Systems provides critical data, lessons learned, and recommendations for governments, businesses, and civil society in developing effective and cost-efficient policies and programs to support women in agrifood systems.

Agrifood systems are a major employer of women globally and are generally a more important source of livelihood for women than men. Empowering women and closing the gender gap in agrifood systems will lead to systematic benefits not just for women, but for society as a whole - reducing hunger, increasing incomes, and strengthening the resilience of rural communities.

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