e-Agriculture webinar on the Agricultural Open Data Package


e-Agriculture webinar on the Agricultural Open Data Package


Session 1: Monday 10 July 2017 at  10 AM CEST/ Rome

Session 2: Monday 10 July 2017 at  4PM CEST/Rome

Duration: 1 hour

e-Agriculture,  the Food and Agriculture Organizaiton of the United Nations (FAO) and the Global Open Data on Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN ) are organizing a webinar to introduce interested individuals to the Agricultural Open Data Package (AgPack).

The Agricultural Open Data Package (AgPack) is a resource for governments to to take the next step in publishing open data they have generated or collected. The AgPack suggests 6 policy areas where open data can support the agricultural sector and identifies 14 data categories to realize impact in the agricultural sector. For each data category the potential use of the data by the agricultural sector and the estimated effort to publish this data from government sources are discussed and examples of implementation and initiatives that support the interoperability of each data category are provided. The AgPack also highlights 10 examples of open data in action demonstrating how governments are harnessing data to address sustainable agriculture and food security around the world.

The introduction on AgPack is organized in the framework of the online discussion that is taking place on the e-Agriculture platform on the same topic from the 10th of July till the 24th of July. The online forum discussion is organized to help fine-tune the AgPack to provide the most useful resource possible for individuals and governments anywhere in their open data journey. By framing this discussion in personal experiences, the forum aims to get a fuller picture on challenges policy-makers and government workers, agriculturalist, and open data experts experience in their day-to-day.

The Agricultural Open Data Package has been developed between the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) network, the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Open Data for Development (OD4D) and is part of a series of Open-Up Guides hosted by the Open Data Charter (ODC) and has been developed following a participatory process of workshops, expert interviews and internet consultations.

For more information on AgPack click here.


Andre Jellema from Data Impact 

"My drive is to realize societal impact with data in agriculture working on the interface between end-users, stake holders and application. I always try to get the why question answered in order to figure out what is really needed by the end users. I have a background in open data, spatial modelling, remote sensing and agriculture and a PhD from Wageningen University in the Netherlands."


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