Private sector provides ICT solution for Japanese farmers


Private sector provides ICT solution for Japanese farmers

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and Vegetalia, an ICT startup, have joined forces to provide solutions for the Japanese agricultural sector. This is an example where private sector investing in agriculture.

The challenge in Japan is that the Japanese farming population is ageing and decreasing. ICT solutions, hence, could be leveraged to help modernize the sector. Therefore, to help solve this Mitsubishi invested in Vegetalia which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to solve agriculture’s problems.

An extract from the press statement states, ‘Vegetalia is a next-generation food and agriculture venture that utilizes the latest plant science and ICT to provide solutions for the agricultural sector. Solutions offered by Vegetalia include: “Field Server,” an IoT tool that allows farmers to monitor their farm lands using sensors; “Paddy Watch,” a water management system for rice fields; and “agri-note,” a cloud-based system that supports farm management and reporting through the use of maps and aerial photos. Vegetalia has also opened the “Vegetalia Plant Clinic®”1, a service that integrates expertise of plant science specialists, the first private sector initiative of its kind in Japan"

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