Webinar : Data Governance In Agriculture: Including Farmers


Webinar : Data Governance In Agriculture: Including Farmers

“Putting farmers at the center of a sustainable and equitable digital transformation of agriculture” is the core objective of the GFAR Collective Action on Inclusive Digital Transformation of Agriculture. The initial partners in the Action, facilitated by GFAR, are: the Forum of the Americas for Agricultural Research and Technology Development (FORAGRO), the Confederation of Family Producers Organizations of the Expanded Mercosur (COPROFAM), Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) and AgGateway.

In the context of this Action, GODAN is hosting a webinar that addresses data governance concerns and challenges facing farmers.

Webinar"Data Governance in Agriculture: Including Farmers"Wednesday 13 October at 15h30 CEST

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Legal experts Foteini Zampati and Caroline Muchiri will discuss ethical and legal digital agriculture challenges faced by farmers, sharing best practices and examples to illustrate and explore how farmers can actively participate in more equitable data sharing.

They will be joined by two representatives of farmers from Kenya and Latin America, to consider the following questions:

  • Who owns data?
  • Who is entitled to the value of the data?
  • How will that data be used or potentially shared?
  • What about data protection? what do we mean by the farmers’ rights to data?
  • What is the state of recognition of these rights in national and international level?
  • What is the role of GDPR and legislation in general in the agricultural sector?
  • How should these rights be implemented in local and international laws, guidelines and policies and how can they be protected?
  • What should be done to include farmers in the mechanisms of data (collection, evaluation, transmission, use)?

For more information visit the GODAN website.

To register for the virtual event on Zoom, click here. 

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