What is the value of mobile apps for farmers?


What is the value of mobile apps for farmers?

A review of research on how information services based on mobile phone technology can improve the lives of smallholder farmers has found only patchy evidence of success.

The study conducted through an exploratory literature review focused on the impact of mobile phone-enabled services on farmers. They looked at 23 studies of such services in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The study was conducted against a commonly held notion that these services hold a promise for developing world farmers and that these mobile services can improve their yields.

Mobile phone services for farmers covered include text message service, helplines and apps that provide information on weather forecasts, market information, and mobile finance.

Image credit: SciDevNet and © Panos

The review also points to several shortcomings for example, the reliance on perception data and the failure to assess impacts in relation to usage

  • SciDevNet published a review blog of this study, read it here
  • Dowload the article here

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