WSIS Prizes 2018 reminder


WSIS Prizes 2018 reminder

WSIS Prizes continues to serve as the unique opportunity for ICT4D, also including ICT4SDG, to be internationally recognized for efforts in using the ICT for making social impact. WISIS is inviting contributions to the WSIS Prizes contest in 2018 by submitting your ICT projects and join us in evidence-based policy making, advancing Sustainable Development Goals.

ITU Official Call for Submissions in all UN languages are available here [AR] - [ZH] - [EN] - [FR] - [RU] - [ES]

All Stakeholders are invited to Submit entries online by 10 January 2018.

As you are already aware, all nominated projects for the WSIS Prizes 2018 will be published in the WSIS Stocktaking 2018 publications and promoted via our communication channels, including social media, throughout the 2018, and you will have the chance to share with us the updates about your projects later on and present it in a form of a blog story or video material. Your project details will be reviewed by hundreds of thousands online voters (in 2017 there were 1,1 million votes cast) and viewers of our websites.

If recognized by the online voting community as WSIS Prizes 2018 Winners and Champions, you will be harvesting from various visibility opportunities at the WSIS Forum 2018 (19-23 March, Geneva) such as presence at the official Prize Ceremony during the High Level Opening Segment, showcasing your awarded project either in a Winners exhibition or as panelist at one of 200 interactive sessions and workshops, you may also request an exhibition booth free of charge and present your products and services, network with more than 2,000 participants at the WSIS Forum, including more than 500 high level participants with around 100 ministerial level representatives from governments, CEOs and Heads of Organizations, etc.

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