WSIS Prizes 2018: Winners published


WSIS Prizes 2018: Winners published

WSIS Prizes 2018 winners have been published by WSIS. These winners represent the respective 18 WSIS Action lines, as outlined in the Geneva Plan of Action. The specific category winners can be read here  

The E-Agriculture Category

In the E-Agriculture projects are covered by the Action Line C7: E-Agriculture and 27 projects were nominated. From the 27 projects, 5 were nominated as Champions in the E-Agriculture Category. These are,

  • Hushu Smart Agricultural Center IoT project, Jiangsu post & telecommunications planning and designing institute Co, Ltd CHINA
  • eSAP: a complete ICT Solution for Crop Health Management, University Of Agricultural Sciences INDIA
  • E-voucher systems: Connecting Smallholders to Knowledge, Networks, and Institutions. International Fund for Agricultural Development KENYA
  • Produce APP, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food MEXICO

From these five, the winner for the E-Agriculture Category for the WSIS Prize 2018 is


Information about the project

1. Equity Bank (Kenya) Ltd (EBL) set up and operationalized the e-voucher platform through which farmers were able to access e-voucher package inputs. 2. The e-voucher beneficiaries accessed inputs through agro dealers who had been issued with POS (Point of Sale) devices by the bank for transactions 3. Eligible farmers are required to open a bank account with EBL and deposit their 10% contributions of the value of the e-voucher package for the first cropping season after which they are issued with customized and customized ring-fenced debit cards. 4. The cards are segmented into different e-wallets (seeds, fertilizers, hermetic bags & tarpaulins). Based on the validation and valuation of the e-voucher package, the eligible farmers and agro-dealers are informed of the date of the cropping season and sequence of the distribution of the inputs that each farmer needs to collect from their assigned/allocated agro-dealer in their County. 5. Certified crop seeds and basal fertilizers are the first e-wallet to be activated where farmers access the pre-determined quantities with their respective debit cards and later in the season, the farmers access the second e-wallet comprising top-dressing fertilizers and the post-harvest items (hermetic bags and tarpaulins) prior to harvesting of their produce.  - source: WSIS Prize

  • PROJECT WEBSITE https://www.ifad.org/
  • GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE National implementation: Kenya
  • STATUS Ongoing from 23/08/2015 to 31/03/2023
  • PARTNERS Government of Kenya, the European Union, IFAD, and Equity Bank

More information here 

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