Posts on the topic "Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI)"

Posts on the topic "Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI)"

  • AFITA/WCCA 2018 Conference

    This conference is being collaboratively organized by AFITA, INFITA, and INSAIT with the aim to coalesce the 'Research Frontiers in Precision Agriculture' for sharing the recent advances in Remote Sensing & GIS, ICTs, IoAgT, sensor networks,...
    India, Mumbai
  • FAO-ITU-AIT Regional Training on the Use of Drones, Satellite Imagery and GIS for Agriculture

    The training materials and presentation now available for download The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in partnership with the Geoinformatics Centre, Asian Institute of Technology held on the 4th to the 8th of June a training on the use of drones, satellite imagery and GIS in agriculture. This training comes as a follow-up to the FAO-ITU E-agriculture in Action: Drones for Agriculture publication. The publication shared knowledge and experiences in the use of drones in agriculture from various countries and partners. Training...
  • Regional Training on the use of Drones Imagery and GIS for Agriculture

    This training is to build capacity among FAO-ITU member countries in the use of these emerging technologies and to equip them with the needed technical knowledge to fully utilize these technologies for agriculture (including forestry and livestock...
    Thailand, Pathum
  • Blog Post01.03.2018

    AFITA/WCCA 2018 Conference will focus on Precision Agriculture

    The Asia-Pacific Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture (AFITA) announces the upcoming conference which will focus on precision agriculture.

    This year in October 2018, AFITA/WCCA2018 is going to be co-located with World Congress on Computers in Agriculture (WCCA).

    As stated on our website, AFITA/WCCA 2018 aims to coalesce the 'Research Frontiers in Precision Agriculture' for sharing the recent advances in ICT, IoT, sensor networks, image processing, robotics, machine learning, big data analytics, etc. in agricultural applications, precision agriculture in particular.

    The conference will have presentations, posters, workshops etc. that would focus at supporting the development and implementation of these frontier technologies for a competitive, sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture.

    The conference is going to cover the following topics

    • ICT for agricultural development
    • IoAgT (Internet of Agricultural Things) in Precision Agriculture
    • Agri-Sensor networks and applications
    • Precision agriculture
    • Agri-ontologies and the semantic web
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture
    • Farm Machineries and Robotics
    • E-commerse in Agriculture
    • Agricultural Bio-informatics
    • Agricultural Nanotechnologies
    • Decision Support Systems (DSS) for farmers
    • Environment Control in agriculture
    • High Throughput Plant Phenotyping
    • Big Data analytics in Agriculture
    • Optimization and modeling in agricultural systems
    • Spatial variability in agricultural systems
    • Food Safety and Traceability
    • Management and mitigation of agricultural data
    • Sustainable and resilient agriculture

    For more information visit the conference website here

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