FAO and EU Partnership

The European Union (EU) and FAO are driven by a mutual commitment to end poverty, hunger and malnutrition on the planet. This partnership is based on shared interests, a common vision, and joint efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Together, the EU and FAO leverage innovative approaches, tools and products that benefit the global community, while also serving as important agents of positive change for millions of people in developing, emerging and developed countries, including those in the European Union. [Read more]

Key Facts

USD 230 million

Total voluntary contributions from the EU in 2023, making it the largest long-term contributing member to FAO development projects.

178 ongoing

FAO projects funded by the EU


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Results in the field
Ongoing Projects
Dominican Republic on course to more productive and sustainable mahi-mahi fishery

Work in progress to strengthen the mahi-mahi sector in the Dominican Republic was discussed at a meeting of key stakeholders in Dominican fisheries,...

FAO Steps up the Support to Coastal and Island Fisher Communities in Papua New Guinea

EU-STREIT PNG Programme provides fisher communities with knowledge and quality equipment to drive the sustainable development of fisheries value chains...