FAO Global Forum for Animal Feed and Feed Regulators

Roma (Italy), 14/11/2023 - 15/11/2023

Register: virtually
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FAO is organizing the FAO Global Forum for Animal Feed and Feed Regulators to provide an inclusive discussion platform for national and regional feed regulatory competent authorities, FAO Members, private sector, researchers, development agencies, financial institutions and civil society, to engage in dialogue and  address together the challenge of the sector. During the Forum, participants will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge  innovations and strategies to enhance the production of high quality, safe and environmentally responsible animal feed.

The continuous growth in global feed production is a response to the increasing demand for animal protein, particularly poultry and pork, driven by population growth, urbanization, and improved purchasing power in emerging economies. This upward trend highlights the pressing need to ensure sufficient quantities of high-quality feed to meet the nutritional requirements for animal maintenance, reproduction, and production while emphasizing safety, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic considerations.

Promoting adequate animal nutrition is essential for animal health and welfare, significantly influencing animals’ ability to resist diseases. Proper nutrition also leads to a reduction in the use of antimicrobials and contributes to the containment of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Moreover, appropriate animal nutrition plays a crucial role in mitigating farm animal contributions to environmental pollution and climate change, by providing precisely the necessary bio-available dietary nutrients. 

The forum is expeted to:

  • Facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge on innovations and pathways to produce efficiently high quality, safe, and accessible animal feed with reduced environmental footprints; as well as, on legistlative frameworks; and
  • to identify best practices, solutions and approaches, including policies and legislations, worth scaling up.

The event will cover three main themes:

  • feed security, with a particular emphasis on low and middle income countries;
  • feed safety and quality; and
  • environmental sustainability.