One Country One Priority Product

Launch Event for the Global Action on Green Development of Special Agricultural Products

Virtual Event, 07/09/2021

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FAO has developed the Global Action on Green Development of Special Agricultural Products (SAPs): “One Country One Priority Product” (OCOP) in line with the new FAO Strategic Framework 2022-31. It aims to support FAO Members in addressing the interlinked economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable agri-food systems, and to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Global Action will promote inclusive, profitable and environmentally sustainable food value-chains through green development of SAPs with unique qualities and special characteristics. Green development of SAPs can help address the existing and emerging challenges, including natural resource constraints, environmental pollution, ecological degradation and climate change.

Objectives of the launch event

The launch event of the Global Action has three objectives:

  • present the framework of the Global Action and raise awareness of the contribution of green development of SAPs to the achievement of the SDGs, the FAO Strategic Framework 2022-31, as well as its Regional Initiatives, and country priorities;
  • seek interest and support of FAO Members to contribute to, cooperate on and promote the implementation of the Global Action; and
  • engage a wide group of diverse stakeholders to participate actively in the implementation of the Global Action.

Interpretation will be available in the six official languages of the Organization.