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An analysis at the technology level of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) plantations in the municipality of Tibu (Colombia)

In the municipality of Tibu, a process of strategic alliances was started for small- and medium-sized oil palm producers with the support of a private company, the International Agency for Development (USAID), and the national government, incentivizing the creation of small-producer associations. This project has performed well in the region, generating positive effects for the region’s economy. However, it has been observed that, among the small producers, some have good productivity and others have low productivity. The plantations share the same vegetative material, Dami-Las Flores, which was planted in 2005 and now has 8 years of production. The survey was conducted in October of 2013 on each of the plantations. After conducting the survey and processing the information with an evaluation matrix at the technology level, it was determined that the general technology adoption level of these plantations was 72.6%. It is recommended that the plantations increase characterization studies of the soil, conduct topographical studies, suitably prepare the soil, and design drainage systems where they are needed based on the studies.

Title of publication: Agronomía Colombiana
Том: 32
Выпуск: 3
ISSN: 2357-3732
Число страниц: 432-439
Автор: Elías Rangel
Другие авторы: Gloria Acened Puentes, Luis Felipe Rodríguez
Организация: Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Другие организации: Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnologica de Colombia
Год: 2014
Страна/страны: Colombia
Географический охват: Латинской Америки и Карибского бассейна
Категория: Газетная статья
Язык контента: English

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