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In Ecuador, food safety is everyone's business


To celebrate World Food Safety Day and recognizing that "Food Safety, is everyone's business", this year Agrocalidad “Agencia de Regulaciòn y Controlo Fito y Zoosanitario” highlights the work of the people who help ensure the safety of our food, raising awareness and urging action by emphasizing what everyone can do to ensure food safety. Whether you grow, process, transport, store, distribute, sell, prepare, serve or consume food, you have a role to play in keeping it safe.

In this context, Agrocalidad carries out various programs and initiatives aimed at strengthening the safety of what citizens consume, through a permanent work in field production, transport and mobilization of raw milk, the proper handling of raw milk whey, certification of slaughterhouses, monitoring and control of residues of contaminants in food and antimicrobial resistance - AMR.

Agrocalidad has promoted the certification of Good Agricultural Practices - GAP, to ensure safe food, protect the health of the farm worker, take care of the environment and the animal welfare, while providing an added value to the product.

Agrocalidad invites to participate in the following virtual conferences:

  • "Biosafety in the food chain", with Rommel Betancourt, General Coordinator of Food Safety, June 9.
  • "Good Agricultural Practices in times of COVID-19", Wednesday June 10, facilitated by Angelo Lazo, GLOBAL GAP representative for Latin America and Agrocalidad.

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