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Edyta Margas

Uzwil, Switzerland

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Food scientist, Microbiologist

Current professional position and company/organization/institution

Food and Feed Safety Leader at Bühler AG

Other organizations he/she has worked with

Campden BRI

Short presentation

Currently, I am the Feed and Food Safety Leader at Bühler AG. I have over 11 years of experience in the food and feed safety areas and previously I worked at Campden BRI, conducting research and consultancy for these industries. My focus of expertise is hygienic processing including: hygienic design, building layout, cleaning and disinfection and other GMPs. Major part of my work is microbial validation of thermal processes and development of solutions which contribute to feed safety. Currently I lead a Feed Safety Excellence team.

Main areas of expertise

Main sector of work experience

Feed industry, Food industry, Research, Academia, Laboratory,

Years of professional experience

from 10 to 20 years

Academic qualifications

Bachelor: , Food Quality Management

University: ,

Advanced University: ,

MSc/MA: environmental science ,

PHD: microbiology ,

Feed safety is important (to me) because

Feed safety is a key element which enables food safety. What we give to animals will ultimately end up on our plates. Feed safety also contributed to higher sustainability and better animal nutrition

Most significant contribution to feed safety has been

Development of feed safety excellence team which focus on: knowledge build, responding to feed processors' challenges, training and development of best feed safety solutions Research on microbial validation of thermal treatment for feed and development of relevant process monitoring solutions


Native language: Other Polish

Other languages: English, Other German

Other skills/interests

Many Food Safety related topics including HACCP, risk assessment, contamination control, environmental hygiene etc. I am an active expert at European Hygienic Engineering Design Group. I am the Chair person of International Association for Food Protection' interest group on: Facility and Equipment Sanitary Design. I am also volunteering at Partners in Food Solutions

Availabe for

Provision of advice and information, Participation to scientific or technical meetings, Short term consultancies, Being a trainer,


Reference: John Holah

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