La plateforme mondiale sur la sécurité sanitaire des aliments pour animaux

Codex Alimentarius Guidelines on the Application of Risk Assessment for Feed - CAC/GL 80-2013

Normes et directives
2013 - FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius
Contaminants biologiques, Contaminants chimiques, Identification des dangers, Contaminants physiques, Analyse des risques, Evaluation des risques, Communication des risques, Gestion des risques
These guidelines provide guidance for feed and feed ingredients risk assessment by governments in accordance withCodex principles for risk analysis. They address the potential risks to human health associated with the presence of hazards in the feed of food-producing animals and the subsequent transfer of hazards to edible products. These guidelines should enable risk assessment of hazards in feed based upon local conditions considering the impact on food safety and human health. The application of these guidelines should also enable international comparability of feed risk assessments and thereby promote fair practices in food and feed trade.

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