Фонд поддержки лесных и фермерских хозяйств

Фонд поддержки лесных и фермерских хозяйств (FFF) оказывает поддержку организациям производителей лесного и фермерского хозяйства (мелким фермерам, группам сельских женщин, местным общинам и учреждениям коренных народов) в целях повышения их технического и делового потенциала, чтобы играть свою важную роль в борьбе с изменением климата и улучшением продовольственной безопасности. FFF также взаимодействует с правительством для разработки межсекторальных механизмов и политических процессов, которые используют вклад сельских жителей. FFF - это партнерство между ФАО, IIED и МСОП и AgriCord. Фактические доноры включают Финляндию, Германию, Швецию и Соединенные Штаты.


FAO, IIED and AgriCord call for an immediate upsurge in climate finance for forest and farm producer organizations to build vital resilience into smallholder livelihoods, landscapes and food systems. The benefits will be felt at a planetary scale.
The objective of the conference is to promote understanding and sharing of knowledge, good practices and solutions among and between scholars, practitioners, private sector and policy makers on sustainable and equitable wood fuel value chains and to advocate and explore strategies for their scaling-up.
The Roundtable, to be held during the World Food Forum (WFF), will provide a platform for young farmers to share experiences and policy solutions, which boost the generational sustainability of agro-food systems. 
Organized with RECOFTC, the Asian Farmers Association (AFA), the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA),  the Green Livelihoods Alliance (GLA), and NTFP-EP, this second edition of the online Forum channels attention to the untapped potential of thousands of Community-Based NTFP Enterprises across the region and their vast contribution to community well-being and forest...
Prior to COP26 AgriCord and FAO will launch the new publication “Forest and farm producer organizations building resilience – strength in numbers and landscapes.” Hands-on case studies and concrete recommendations provide inspiring content both for farmers’ organizations and policy makers.
Join this webinar organized by the World Resources Institute to discuss bottlenecks and successful case studies in restoration policymaking. Representatives from Africa, Latin America, and India will discuss how countries can forge a strong path under the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.
Watch this FFF event where leaders from the Podaali Fund, Babassu Fund, and the Dema fund shared their stories, best practices and lessons learned, and provide recommendations for scaling Indigenous and rural innovation in the Amazonian biome. 
In this ‘super year’ of climate and nature, the latest episode of the Make Change Happen podcast hosts a discussion on what support smallholders need, and who should provide it. Hosted by Liz Carlile, it features IIED's Duncan Macqueen, Clare Shakya, and Elizabeth Nsimadala of PAFO.