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Who are the stakeholders?

This is aspect of Food security and Nutrition. As long as producer of the food is not inolved there is a big gap of stake holders claim. So first Farmer and thereby regional heads, and consumer bodies.

The Farmers how many.  First fix two options. 1. make individual farmer as food security responsible in the village. So let him /her production to be stored for his consumption and excess to sent for Market or store it and market it for upcomeing period. Gender prefernce is more important. what are food ? particularly relted food grains, Pulss. These  are two item to save not only food security but also Nutrition aspect. This comes dowm heaviely from food prices  by producers. most of the developing countries had a large population in Agriculture. say for eg. Inia 65% population still lives with agriculture, wherein wages are very less and souring food prices restrict the food for all.

In this model farmers o big size can invest to small farmers in labor cost in food grains, which makes evern small farmer too can responsibly enjoy good food

The multistake holder also need market head of local area along with business partners and a lead banker who is interested with food  business, and a government head from the Dept. of Agriculture , along with another 3-5 personnel options in the lead organizations in the region.

Question is how to define :? as a food security goal it is most important to bring locals fist in one stage to execute and represent as elected body of farmer , along with selectd defines with governance. why governance?   unless governance is there no good price for productuin to the farmer as well as fair market and logistic system exist. This makes funding/financing is under regulatory body.

what aims goals etc? 

The aim is food security with fair prices. this under climate smart way prodctuin and consumption with good nutrition. potential to good agronomic practices by farmers leds good food, results safty and nutritional sysems.

A clear guidalines to be provided for developing and developed world. Why difference for developing and developed. In developed world it is economic indicators of Industrial index, where as in developing countries it had become lively hood. if 1% population of USA do agriculture, whereas in developing countries ranges 40-70% population involved. Hence unless we strengthen these peoples we cannot increse daily earn or remove poverty..

what is existing MSP?   many is not in sound, sound projects are not evely distributed. poor agronomic practices with climate changes often results crop failure and food production losses. so farmer is in debts?

Although can be addressed in theory of all the question raised in the project, unless a pilet project on trail for one year for limited countries and may be counties will make us reshape the food security. Some regional problems may not be with some other places. some policy matters may not hinder in other country/s. some of the Governance system may moderate in some places than it hails.

For all this train the farmer who is responsble for good prodction with market oriented policies by developing small scale agroIndustries ( as making regional employment and youths involvement in food security and nutrition), that results some signicancy in the matter.

For more information I any any one needs a pilot project can be contacted us.

However Always with CFS to evolve a solution on food security and utrition.